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Defination & Goal Of Each Department

Authentic Fashion International has a strong team in the sectors –

  • Merchandising,
  • Quality,
  • Compliance,
  • Commercial,
  • IT.


Our experienced team of merchandisers follows up on orders by regularly communicating between the customer, factories and our offices. We also update our customers with regular "production reports" showing the status of their orders.


Our product quality is ensured with the practice of advanced technology and our inclination toward meeting our buyer satisfaction with competitive pricing.

  •    Commitment

Our commitment to quality has empowered us to ensure efficient working environment within our organization.

  •    Dependability

Our just in time merchandising and shipment along with the advanced production technology of the factories that we work with assures our buyers to depend on us.

  •    Buyer satisfaction

Our buyer satisfaction sets the standard of our product quality.

  •    Continuous improvement

Continually improving the quality of our management through training and communication.

  •    Environment Consciousness

Our operation maintains a healthy environment for our employees which creates a congenial atmosphere.

Quality Objective:        

Establish and maintain quality objectives for improvement of QMS and product quality.
Companywide quality objectives are defined at all functions in line with quality policy with the aim of providing better service to our customers. The objectives are measurable and are monitored and reviewed for effectiveness and improvement of service.

Quality Management System Planning:

Quality planning as defined in ISO 9001:2001 is considered to be an amalgam of the operating procedures out line in our manual.
In light of increased or changing business demands the QMS is always amended to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with ever changing customer requirements. Such amendments are incorporated  through proper planning, thus ensuring the integrity of our QMS.


A synopsis of proactive efforts regarding social compliance & corporate responsibility in Bangladesh for the purpose of manufacturing for our Customers.

Code of Conduct

We strive as a responsible apparel producer and exemplify the internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices. It distinguishes the cultural differences and provides work for individuals exclusively on the basis of their qualification for the job.

We classify and work with suppliers who in the manner of commerce abide by local laws and have ethical values well suited to our own.

The basis for the various parameters that comprise the code of conduct are drawn from the following:

Ethical Trading Initiative                                          
Business Social Compliance Initiative
Global Sourcing principles of Key Customers
ILO Conventions
Local Legislation

We are fully aware of the fact that this has increasingly become the responsibility of the industry itself. An Independent Compliance Management Team to implement, monitor, audit and review the activities is at exertion.


We are following the norms of UCP 600 and the Central Bank of Bangladesh regulations.

Information Technology:

We maintain a very strict information technology security system. Information sent and received are treated as properties of the company and maintained in a tightly secured environment. This guarantees our trustworthiness between the company, its clientele and subsidiaries as well.